About Us

The MASSACHUSETTS PARANORMAL INSTITUTE is a non-profit Massachusetts corporation consisting of a small and elite group of highly trained and educated professionals dedicated to providing a higher standard in paranormal investigation, research and public education. We normally perform more "real" investigations in a year than most other organizations perform in five years. MPI has the experience, equipment and training to get results.
The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute is the direct descendant of Cape Cod Electronic Voice Phenomena or CC-EVP which is credited as being the very first organized paranormal team on Cape Cod, and possibly Massachusetts, that specialized in the utilization and promotion of EVP / ITC techniques and software during investigations.
Research is primarily focused on Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Transcommunication while investigations utilize all protocols deemed necessary for determining the cause and origin of the activity in a discreet and professional manner. 
Public education is a main function of MPI. This is accomplished by presentations, lectures, hands-on workshops and classes.


Tina Boulos

I am attracted to the paranormal because I feel that there is something else waiting for us after this life.  I have always been interested in it but it really hit me I think when my father passed away.  I began to have very vivid dreams and sense things around me.   My aunt (father's sister) is very good with hearing, sensing, and seeing things and I like to think I inherited e of her skill.  My family is very Catholic and I think they may tend at times to frown upon this area but my upbringing did not dissuade me from my beliefs. I am very happy to be part of MPI so I can continue to explore the unknown. Tina works in the insurance profession.

Dave Sircom

I was a Skeptic for most of my life. One night a TV segment showed Mark Nesbitt of Ghosts of Gettysburg, capture an EVP in a battlefield and I was hooked.I was recording EVPs 2 hours every morning and 3 hours every night for years. I began the Cape Cod EVP Group (CC-EVP) in September of 2000 and spent much of my time training others in how to obtain EVPs and the use of the best software available to assist with this. I authored a book entitled "Closer...than you think!"  I strive to improve existing investigation techniques and develop new ones while helping those who are suffering as a result of a paranormal disturbance.

Connie Boulos

Ever since I was young, and in every occupation I've ever had, I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. I have always hoped to find a deeper understanding of this other world or spiritual plane. Through different investigations, this unknown has shaped how I perceive things. Watching it on TV is one thing, but experiencing it is completely different. It has truly shaped the way I think of these entities that we cannot see, whether they are loved ones or strangers. With various life experiences that I have encountered personally, I am hoping to, one day, be able to scientifically define to myself and others what is happening and what we cannot see.