Headquartered on Cape Cod, The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute provides no-cost, professional and discrete, high-tech investigations into the cause and origin of known or suspected paranormal activity by well trained and experienced professional investigators & researchers. MPI also provides multi-media presentations to local organizations. 


We utilize all protocols available including both scientific and non-scientific methods. Coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and a no nonsense, forensic style of investigation, The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute is unsurpassed in obtaining results.  Simply put, we offer the most experienced and best trained paranormal Investigators available in New England. 


The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute is the direct descendant of Cape Cod Electronic Voice Phenomena 

or CC-EVP which is credited as being the very first organized paranormal team on Cape Cod, and possibly Massachusetts, specializing in the utilization and promotion of EVP techniques and software during paranormal investigations.


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The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute is Cape Cod's #1 Source for the paranormal and provides multimedia presentations to schools, libraries and other organizations showcasing evidence collected from it's numerous investigations from all over Cape Cod & Massachusetts. If you prefer, we can arrange for the presentation to highlight any historical locations in your area.  Just drop us a note and we'll get right back to you at:






                                                     . . . Be Very Careful!


When you arrange for a paranormal investigation you are allowing strangers access to you, your family and your home. Here are some guidelines to assist you in not making a mistake. 


An individual or a family suffering from on going paranormal activity is normally worn down and is in a vulnerable or "Wits-End" state of mind when they finally decide to obtain professional help. They are willing to place their total trust in just about anyone who offers even the smallest amount of help in resolving or alleviating the situation.  Most people will quietly ask friends or others they trust if they know of any organization that can help. Usually, they come up empty and resort to the only other resource available to them in their quest...the internet.  Anyone can set up a nice looking website and "hang out a shingle"  claiming to be a Paranormal Investigator. There is no licensing requirement  or other type of control in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This is one reason why The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute, Inc. became a legal entity in the form of a non-profit Massachusetts corporation.


Once you find a group's website to review look for the following:


Is the website up to date?

Are recent investigations posted?

What is the quality of the reports and the evidence?

Are there photos of the members?

Are their backgrounds posted?


One thing you are trying to avoid is the weekend ghosthunt club. These groups are a lot of fun and a great place to start to learn about becoming an investigator but usually lack the experience to handle a serious paranormal disturbance in a client's home and are best suited to investigating cemeteries and outside historical locations. While appearing to be a professional organization (possibly, even incorporated) they are out for the excitement and fun of it and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are not providing their weekend entertainment. They can unknowingly make the problem far worse. Professional groups like M.P.I. have highly trained & experienced adult Researchers and Investigators who are serious about collecting solid evidence and can offer serious help.  This is also why The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute has posted investigations and evidence on our site only after it has been "cleared and okayed" by our clients. A client wishing discretion will never find themselves as a highlighted investigation in a public seminar a few months later. M.P.I. staff have their photos and backgrounds posted. All M.P.I. staff are given background checks.  


If a group you think is qualified appears only interested in what day and what time they can get in...think again!


Any professional organization such as the Massachusetts Paranormal Institute will need to know a lot of information prior to the primary investigation and may possibly request a preliminary investigation first. Your contact should be through a Case Manager who will answer your immediate questions, provide references and collect the basic information:


What is the disturbance?  Who is being affected?  How often? What is the severity of the activity and does it change?  Who has witnessed the activity but does not reside on the property? Any new construction? How old is the location? What is the history of the property? What is the geological make up of the land beneath the building?  ... and so on.


M.P.I. can perform and provide the history search as well as the geological workup when required.


Remember...There is a big difference between a weekend ghosthunt group and a professional paranormal investigative organization and Massachusetts has an abundance of both ... don't be fooled!