Colonial House Inn

At 7:00PM, on April 26, 2010, the Massachusetts Paranormal Institute began an investigation of the Colonial House Inn. Located in the village of Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts, theColonial House Inn has a very long history asa haunted location with numerous stories from guests and employees. 
The MPI Team assembled for this investigation consisted of Lead Investigator Elizabeth Lyons, Case manager and EVP Researcher Connie Boulos, EVP Researchers; Sherry Evans, Michael J. Balch, Tina Correira,Lead Investigator Dave Sircom. Special Guest Investigators were Jack and Debbie Shuman visiting from the Boston Area. Jack is a well known Photograper of the paranormal and a couple of his shots from the Colonial House investigation are displayed here with his permission.
Breaking into3 smaller groups, positions were rotated on the half hour to allow each team at least one opportunity in each area of the buildings.
Below are a few of the EVPs collected from this investigation and a couple of Jack Shuman's extraordinary photographs.
Investigator sets up in Room 208 for an EVP session and immediately receives a name.