Upon Which I...

Upon Which I Killed Hitler for the Jews
Written By: Jeff Behnke / ParanormalNews.com 
Posted: 8/19/2009
Years ago I ran across a question in a book called Fuzzy Logic while I was a teen. The simple (and often used) premise was that there is no black and white—only subtle shades of gray, and we should keep this in mind while we form all of our thoughts about reality. To illustrate the concept in the book, a simple question was asked: at which point does someone become bald? If you have one hair left, most would still consider you bald. If you have two hairs left, bald. Ten, bald. But what about 6,000? 10,000? 100,000? Then you’re not so bald anymore. As such, the concept of baldness is pretty fuzzy and indistinct. In fact, when you break it down enough, you’re not sure exactly when someone becomes bald, but you still have the ability to think using the term “bald.”
Using this same conceptual framework, I tried applying it to all sorts of things at the time, such as the term “Christian”, or “Jew”. At which point does one become a Christian? At which point does one become a Jew? I truly enjoyed the thought process and shared it with my friends because I was a somewhat rebellious Christian who thought everyone in my church were idiots. For instance, I would ask them this question and they would say you became a Christian if you professed your faith that Jesus Christ is the Lord God and are baptized in the holy waters of life. But then what if you don’t attend church for the rest of your life? What if you renounce your faith? What if you just don’t do what you’re supposed to? Compare that to another who does attend church, never renounces his faith, and does what he believes he is supposed to do. In their mental struggles, they attempted to define something of permanence which would be acceptable, but they failed because there is no permanence to a fuzzy idea.
I know people’s mental Christian defenses are probably getting raised by that example--so let’s turn to the Jews. What makes you Jewish? Is it a materialistic thing that you wear like a necklace, or is it something else? Are you really Jewish or do you just take on the qualities of being Jewish in some way, shape, or form? You can be a non-practicing Christian, so you can just as easily be a non-practicing Jew. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you realize that a ‘Jew’ or a ‘Christian’ seems more like a metaphysical glove that you wear vs. some inherent quality of your body and soul. You represent the tenants of your faith as much as possible by walking the walk and talking the talk, but those tenants are not a physical thing that is glued to you, and are not even a part of who you really are—they are just more or less a framework, a guide, a mapping of activities, a structure. A shape on the wall formed by some flashlight that can be moved on to any other wall.
Furthermore, the laws of either a Christian or Jew is up for spurious amounts of interpretation. There are millions of opinions inside and outside the core of these faiths with various ideas and concepts on how one must live to be a Jew and to be a Christian. When confronted by these, most people make a choice as to which interpretations one should follow. As such, you can see these different interpretations as a multitude of gloves of various sizes and shapes that you can wear, all proclaiming to be the one true metaphysical Jew, or the one true metaphysical Christian. You wear what fits—or wear what you can handle—but the glove is not you and it will never be you because you cannot be the act—you are the one doing the acting. You are the actor or the actress.
Now let’s say you are Hitler. How would you go about killing these Jews when ‘Jew’ is actually a metaphysical term much like baldness? How do you kill the concept of Jew? How do you kill the concept of Christianity? And for those more conspiracy-minded, how do you kill the concept of the New World Order? When I think of someone attempting to do so, I think of a laser pointer being shined on the wall, and a cat trying to catch it under its paws—in this case, the cat is Hitler and what he is doing is impossible because these concepts are not made of particles that you can get rid of by burning them alive. Not only are people more or less Jews, more or less Christians, more or less New World Order enthusiasts—all of these are just gloves that these people can more or less wear. As such, you can’t get rid of them any more or less than you can get rid of a shape that someone is perceiving while staring at a cloud. You can kill all of the people in the world, and a few years down the line, someone will reform the shape you tried to stop seeing, and slip into it once again like that forgotten glove.
You cannot get rid of any concept because those things that you are really trying to get rid of don’t exist anywhere other than inside your own mind that you have used to etch out its shape within the ever-changing currents of infinity. As such, if Hitler were really trying to get rid of the idea of Jew, his strategy was about as effective as burning all things that are colored green to get rid of green. It’s there…it’s a concept…it’s stuck here forever. Deal with it.
And this also goes for those who claim that they can get rid of the New World Order, or end secrecy. You cannot get rid of them because they are concepts, and although you can see people who are more or less secretive, you cannot stop them from being so. You shall never stop plots and networks and brotherhoods and secret oaths—you can only understand, recognize, and think with or without their precepts and moral principles. You cannot prevent secrecy any more than Hitler could have prevented the return of the concept of Jew, or the end to the color green. If you were to try, you would be the one to create the dystopian world defined by George Orwell…you would make a Big Brother of your own--to prevent a Big Brother. Your government buildings would be glass, everything would be bugged, people would be naked and frisked. You, in your prevention of secrets, would destroy all life, all covenants and bonds between each other—and you would do so believing that it is right, that it is good. Just as Hitler did while he tried to kill all the Jews.
If mankind were to look around and see everything as concepts, as male and female as concepts, as life and death as concepts, as love between one another as concepts—they would realize that nothing anywhere at any time is set in stone for eternity, that this is all just an idea that we’re all having which invents reality just as much as it utilizes it. We would all become co-creators, knowing that our history is just as much a fluid thing as our future. What we pay attention to in our past, what we focus on, creates it the way we want it to have been. What we pay attention to, or will pay attention to in the future, creates it the way we want it to be.
We do not need a media to agree with us, or for there to be no secrecy to enjoy the world—because the media is just an idea—we are all ideas. And it is an idea that we stand behind and honor and hold up as truth, just as much as something we chase around and try to kill with our paws. It is the light and structure of those ideas which are invincible. Like you and me and our eternal spiritual core that can draw anything it wants, at any time, slip into this idea or that idea, and try it out for awhile, before slipping in to something else, either at ‘death’, or just on a momentary whim over a burger at Wendy’s.
To get rid of any idea that is killing us—stop having it. We, as co-ideas, simply choose to shift perspectives. And the night comes. And a new day arrives as we look up in the sky and see something new in the clouds. We are co-inhabiting ideas here, and as such, co-creators, in this matrix-like world of the dream and no-dream. And in my dream, my world—I do not need to look at you, recognize you, invent you. I turn my back on the New World Order, on Hitler--I glance away. We shall never again see each other eye to eye. Because to me, you no longer exist. I do not have to chase you. I do not have to kill you and whatever bodies you currently inhabit. This is oblivion. And it is my gift to you as the powerful wind within me arrives, fills up its lungs, and blows all of those devastating thoughts and ideas of you away.