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Hearing Ghosts - easy access EVP
Wichita Paranormal Examiner - Wendy Garrett
There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there. - Albert Einstein
So what is an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena? I define it as noise made by a ghost but that might be a bit too broad. The actual definition is a bit longer. From the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena website: “EVP are anomalous, intelligible speech recorded in or produced by electronic devices, and for which no currently understood physical explanations can account.”
Members of the group Big Circle share their personal EVP accounts on YouTube - stories of their experiences capturing audio messages from their loved ones. 
There is no need to invest in a bunch of fancy, expensive equipment to capture an EVP. A computer is enough to make the connection. However, for more information and instructions on how to get the best results, this list from AAEVP will get you started.  
Dave Sircom, founder of the Massachusetts Paranormal Institute, offers more suggestions on equipment. He says – “my best Class "A" & "B" EVPs were captured with the use of low-end digital and analog recorders.” He prefers Sony. 
I have to admit I never bothered to try to listen for voices but I did get tapping noises. The difference, and the clue for me that the taps I hear are paranormal and not a machine malfunction, is when they happen in a sequence. 
One tap, two taps, three, etc. I will have to review my tapes and see if there is anything I overlooked. At the time, I was just happy to know there was something audible on the tape to affirm my experience. 
There are times when I can hear things other people can't. The recordings of the tapping noises at the time helped me to clarify my experience and learn how to get out of the way and just let it happen rather than trying to force an outcome or project an expectation.  
A quick note on safety -  if you are curious about this and trying to work on your own, it is a good idea to ground yourself and set up a solid energy boundary or psychic protection. Dave suggests using the Prayer to St. Michael but each person must work with what is best for him/her. 
To find out more information on EVPs, listen to my interview with Dave Sircom on Conscious Living. He shares some very easy to recognize EVP audio. In listening to the audio the first time through with him, I was too focused on the interview process. Listening again, afterward, there was no mistaking the bites of EVP conversation. 
Questions? Contact Dave. There are no hard and fast rules to exploring the paranormal arena. We learn as we go. Maybe you will uncover something others will be able to use. At the very least, maybe you will find a bit of new information that will be of use to you.
For more information: 
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